Yerba Mate Unsmoked “SOL de ACUARIO” Organic / 1.10″lb – 0.50 K


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We are honored to have in stock the first organic certified brand that was produced in Argentina back in 1991.

This is a high quality yerba with a wild, grassy taste that is not too strong. It’s taste will slightly vary as well if you change your mate cup and/or bombilla, it is fun to experiment!

Remember each Yerba deserves a personal experience. What’s good for one mate drinker may not be the same for another. If you are new to this world, you will get to play around with many Yerba flavors. Some Yerba Mate drinkers even find their personal “right blend” by mixing different brands. We encourage you to play around with this fun and healthy habit


Production: This is an organic yerba mate. Organic teas have no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Also, they do not have artificial flavors or ingredients of any kind. The packaging material that is used with the organic teas is also organic, as the paper that is used is recycled and biodegradable and the ink is water based.

Origins: Produced by an independent producer in Misiones, the land of the Yerba Mate. By purchasing this yerba you are helping small farmers produce high quality products.

Aging: Usually the aging process for the organic yerbas are longer than the regular therefore the flavor and aroma is better. It also makes the yerba mate less acidic.

– OIA Organic Certified –


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3 reviews for Yerba Mate Unsmoked “SOL de ACUARIO” Organic / 1.10″lb – 0.50 K

  1. Olivas David

    This yerba is very earthy, and moderately strong. I taste more hay, alfalfa in this yerba. Very nice.

  2. Alexandr Potapenko

    This one is a jewel/ Hard to choose one best yerba, especially if it`s “organica” from Misiones. But this one excellent! Not much dust, great smell and I like arts on the pack. I can`t find any words to transmit this taste of great perfection. Very smooth and gradually blossom of all spectrum of tastes. Big honor to recive such a great product in Russia. I would like to give my heartily appreciation for people who taking care of these trees and making such a value product.
    Muchas Gracias!

  3. Joel Klubber

    Thx you for carrying such a great mate and gourds. Will certainly order again.

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