Yerba Mate “Progreso” Unsmoked Suave Soft & Tasty – 1.10″ Lbs


Soft Traditional Unsmoked Yerba Mate with a Gentle Aftertaste


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YERBA MATE “Progreso” traditional Yerba Mate with a soft and friendly touch – 1.10″ Lbs / 500 Grs Package.

Produced by Cooperativa Agricola KM16 LTDA in Oberá, Misiones, Argentina.

The Cooperativa Agrícola KM 16 de Oberá bet on the production of its own brand of yerba mate: “Progreso”. They achieved this goal after 17 years of hard work. Currently, the entity has 19 partners and 49 operators, they work with local farmers from Jardín América, El Soberbio and San Vicente.

This is an excellent option for those who love soft and unsmoked yerbas.


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