Yerba Mate “PRIMICIA” Unsmoked & Tasty – High Quality / 1.10 Pounds Bag



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GREAT YERBA MATE “PRIMICIA”  – 1.10″ Lbs Package 

Produced by “Establecimiento NAVAR S.A”, in Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes, Argentina.

Excellent unsmoked soft – medium intensity Yerba Mate. Fine grinding. This yerba might well be called “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. On the very first sips you find a nice gentle yerba that feels somehow “familiar”. You may think “I´ve tasted this type of yerba before” BUT this is when Mr Hyde shows up. All of a sudden the initial sweetness and kindness turns into a rather complex bitter-herbal vibe which starts a battle in your mouth.

Nobody wins the war except “PRIMICIA”. You are caught by its spell in the end.

“Playadito”, “Amanda” & “Indumar” drinkers will certainly love this brand.

A truly high quality Yerba Mate.

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