Yerba Mate “LAPACHO ROSA” Unsmoked Soft & Tasty / 1.10 Pounds Bag


Excellent soft intensity unsmoked Yerba Mate 

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YERBA MATE “LAPACHO ROSA” (Pink trumpet tree) – 1.10″ Lbs Package 

Produced by “ESTABLECIMIENTO SAN NICOLÁS” in Misiones, Argentina.

Excellent unsmoked soft intensity Yerba Mate. Delicate yerba mate, really tasty.

Very nice packaging. Here you can see the reason of the name of the brand.

A beautiful pink trumpet tree in the Yerba Mate fields where this small farmer cultivates and harvest their high quality product.

Lapacho Rosa Yerba Mate Fields

Check the beautiful green tones their Yerba leaves have:


Lapacho Rosa Yerba Mate Bags

If you love soft and tasty, unsmoked yerbas, you simply can not miss this one.

A truly high quality Yerba Mate.


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Establecimiento San Nicolás


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