NEW Yerba Mate “INDUMAR” High Quality – 1.10 Pounds Bag


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NEW YERBA MATE “INDUMAR”  – 1.10″ Lbs Package

Finally, after 25 years, Cooperativa Yerbatera Dos de Mayo has released its own brand. Many times these small cooperatives serve bigger companies with their production. All these years of hard work were rewarded with this PREMIUM Yerba Mate.

What makes this Yerba Mate more distinctive and unique is its personality.
One of the most difficult task a Yerba needs to acomplish is to have that one of a kind flavor note that makes it different from the others.

“INDUMAR” truly achieves this.

It has a lightly roasted, sweetie vibe flavor with faint bitter notes which makes this yerba rather complex. Absolutely no rough and mouth puckering sensation.

Definitely a must try brand!


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