Yerba Mate “DON ERNESTO” Unsmoked High Quality – 1.10″ lbs Linen Bag


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HIGH QUALITY YERBA MATE “DON ERNESTO”  – 1.10″ Lbs / 500 Grs Linen Bag

EXCELLENT unsmoked Yerba Mate produced in Oberá, Misiones, Argentina.

Medium intensity Yerba Mate with a soft sweet-roasty vibe. In order to get the best version of this Yerba do not use very hot water. This is a golden rule with all the Yerbas but this one in particular shows its best version around 80° – 85° Celcius degrees (176°F – 185°F)

A truly high quality Yerba Mate.

Ernesto (father) and Pablo Klingbeil (son) are the head of a family business. They own a farm called “El Aguante SRL” which produces Yerba Mate “Don Ernesto”.

Their first Yerba Mate dryer was built in 1983. Starting in 2004, they added modern technology to meet high quality standards.

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Don Ernesto


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