Yerba Mate “CACHAMATE” Naranja (Orange) w/ Pennyroyal – 1.10″ Bag


Excellent and classic argentine Yerba Mate enhanced with Pennyroyal & Natural Orange Peel


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YERBA MATE with NATURAL HERBS – 1.10 Lbs Package

With more than 70 years in business, Cachamai is a leading tea & Yerba Mate company in Argentina

CACHAMATE with herbs will give you an added boost by adding natural herbs to the Yerba Mate.

An excellent and classic argentine Yerba Mate enhanced with poleo and natural orange peel.

Poleo (Pennyroyal)- This pleasant smelling herb also known as “Griseb” belongs to the mint family, and is a tasty addition to sun teas and cold beverages. Remedially, Poleo has been used for years to settle stomachaches, colic, and accompanying headaches. For fevers or beginning stages of colds, Poleo is either drunk or bathed in to increase perspiration, which in turn frees the body of waste and toxins. Because it is so gentle and tasty, Poleo is great in remedies for infants and children, but too much will act as an emetic.


 Yerba mate contains 24 vitamins & minerals; 15 amino acids; and 11 polyphenols, a group of Phytochemicals which act as powerful antioxidants. Click on this link to read more about Yerba Mate’s health benefits.

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