Yerba Mate “Arroyo Verde” with Very Soft Pennyroyal Touch / 1.10 Pounds Bag


Yerba Mate with a very soft pennyroyal touch


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YERBA MATE “Arroyo Verde” with a very soft pennyroyal touch – 1.10″ Lbs Package –

This is an excellent option for those who love mild yerbas with a delicate, non-invasive herbal vibe.

Natural herbs can help to balance the earthy flavor of traditional yerba mate, while also providing additional health benefits such as improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and relaxation.

Natural Yerba Mate Storage Benefits:

In order to complete a good natural storage process you need at least 12 months. 18 to 24 months is recommended. Within this period of time, yerba mate oxidation process ends.

As a result, it acquires properties that with less storage and ripening would be very hard to find. Among these advantages, perhaps the most important one is it does not produce acidity.

Flavor is milder and consistent, its aroma is delicate and of course, it lasts longer. Although regular and commercial mainstream brands have improved in recent years, still the Yerba Mate produced by small independent farmers and cooperatives is the one that has the highest quality.


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Arroyo Verde


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