Yerba Mate “CAMINO NUEVO” Top of the Line from Don Leandro / 1.10″ Lbs Bag


Complex & unique Yerba Mate

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“CAMINO NUEVO” YERBA MATE – 1.10″ Lbs / 500 Grams Bag

“Camino Nuevo” has a personal, quite dry, walnut-like, medium intensity. A first impression suggests plain bitterness but the last note is decidedly sweet and dry. As the sips go by, a nice and gentle sweetness (not overwhelming like the one you may find in “Playadito” and “Amanda“) takes over. A very complex and unique yerba mate.The grinding is balanced, intense olive green color, not too much sticks and occasional big leaves.

This is the top of the line brand from “Don Leandro”, a small Yerba Mate producer in Misiones, Argentina

-Remember each Yerba deserves a personal experience. What’s good for one mate drinker may not be the same for another. If you are new to this world, you will get to play around with many Yerba flavors and brands- 


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Camino Nuevo


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