Organic Yerba Mate “CUATRO CAMINOS” Unsmoked High Quality – 1.10 lbs Box



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EXCELLENT unsmoked Yerba Mate produced in Misiones, Argentina.

If you love fresh, soft intensity yerbas with a “clean” finish this is definitely for you.

“Kraus” fans will love this brand.

A truly high quality Yerba Mate.

Cuatro Caminos S.R.L is a family business. They provide a 100% organic product.

It all began in the 60s when Gustavo Bjorklund bought a rotary tube dryer, which is why the first name of the establishment was “El Tubo Cué”.

After a few years his son Klas Rubén Bjorklund becomes the owner and builds a barbecue-type dryer.

In 1993, the family acquired the mill, the product brand and the company name Cuatro Caminos S.R.L and began to pack its own brand of conventional yerba mate.

In 2004, they decided to produce organic yerba mate and, through OIA, the organic certification of the establishments and processing plant was achieved.

In 2008, a belt dryer with a heat exchanger was built to prevent the product to contact with smoke.

Today they replace the use of firewood per chip in all the stages that require the heat of combustion for the drying of the yerba leafs.

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