HQ Organic Yerba Mate “Agua Mate” + Hand Carved Alpaca Silver Mate Gourd & Bombilla


One of a Kind Traditional Yerba Mate Kit at a GREAT Price!


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1 Awesome Hand Carved Natural Yerba Mate Gourd with Alpaca Silver Work

1 Curved Stainless Steel Bombilla – Includes 2 FREE cloth filters for superior filtering

1 “Agua Mate” Organic certified yerba mate from Misiones, Argentina. HIGHEST QUALITY – 100 % natural without agrotoxics or chemicals. Unsmoked type & Air Dried – 1.10lbs bag / 500 Grs

This is one of the finest unsmoked yerba mate in the market. It is produced by Kraus.

Very delicate and soft flavor. It has a slightly herbaceous aftertaste vibe which makes it very interesting. 100% pure Yerba Mate.

This organic certified yerba mate is dried using a flowing warm air system, produced by indirect heat that comes from a boiler. If you don´t like roasted or smoky flavors you´ll absolutely love this brand. Excellent choice for beginners.

Kraus Commitment:

“We are committed to sustainable agriculture, we seek the conservation and fertility of the soil in the long term. Every year we reforest our lands with native trees with the purpose of restoring the forest, protecting the soil and promoting biodiversity. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers on our crops”


Bombilla/Straw´s Length: 7″ (inches) – 18 (cm)

Gourd’s Yerba Capacity: Will hold aprox 1.8-2.2oz of dried loose Yerba. 250-280mL total volume capacity on average. You can also have an idea of size of the gourd if you compare it with the 1.10″ yerba mate bag shown in the pictures. A typical 1.10″ yerba bag is aprox 100 mm x 70 mm x 170 mm (length x depth x height), a little bit smaller than a standard brick.

Remember each mate gourd / cup should be filled a little over 2/3 full of yerba, leaving a slight slope at the bottom of which the bombilla is inserted and carefully poured the water (not boiling) for each serving.


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