Mate Gourd, 2 Bombillas, Spoon, Cleaner, Filter + Organic Yerba


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1 Handcrafted Yerba Mate Gourd – “Celtic” Design

1 Dismountable & easy to clean metal bombilla/straw

Handcrafted bamboo cane bombilla/straw

1 Wooden Spoon Hand Painted

1 Cloth Filter – It works great on bamboo bombillas! Never gets clogged!

1 Straw Brush Cleaner – Keep your bombillas in good shape!


1.10″ Pounds / 0.50 Kilo bag of “ROAPIPO” Organic  Certified – Excellent Quality!


BOMBILLAS / STRAWS: 7″ (inches) – 18 (cm) in Length

SPOON: 5.9″ (inches) – 15 (cm) in Length

MATE GOURD: 3.54″ (inches) – 9 (cm) Height / 3.54″ (inches) – 9 (cm) Width

GOURD´S CAPACITY : Will hold aprox 2oz of loose Yerba (2/3 of full capacity).

Given the fact that a mate drinker should fill 2/3 of any recipient with loose dried yerba, this 2oz measure shown in bold above is based on this traditional rule.

You can also have an idea of size if you compare them with the 1.10″ yerba mate bag shown in the pictures. A typical 1.10″ yerba bag is aprox 100 mm x 70 mm x 170 mm (length x depth x height), a little bit smaller than a standard brick.

When you fill your gourd, remember to leave a slight slope at the bottom. This is where you insert the bombilla before you carefully pour the water (not boiling) for each serving cycle.

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