LIFETIME Stainless Steel Bombilla w/ UNIQUE TRIPLE FILTER – Extra Mesh!

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Superior triple filtering. Includes an additional backup mesh filter.


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Most straws (bombilla) are made either of metal, bamboo or cane. These bombillas or straws have a fine filter at the rear end (small holes). This is the side of the bombilla / straw that is inserted into the mate. The bombilla / straw works like a tea bag for regular tea, as it keeps any fibrous material from being mixed with the liquid that you suck when using it.


Some straws can be disassembled and cleaned, and others are fixed. For the ones that can be disassembled just open the rear end and rinse until clean. The fixed bombilas can be cleaned with a straw cleaner. A thin pin may also be used to push small pieces of Yerba Mate leaves that might get stuck in the filter type holes of the bombilla / straw.


There are straight bombillas / straws, and slightly curved bombillas / straws. Some people prefer the curved ones because the cup doesn’t have to be tilted in order to drink from it. There is also fixed bombillas / straws, or with a detachable filter (easier to clean straws, but usually a bit pricier). Finally, there are bombillas / straws made of different materials such as, cane, alpaca silver, bamboo, and many more.

Tip : Some people use an old toothbrush to remove the dust from the straw’s little holes 



MATERIAL : Stainless Steel

TYPE : Curved / Detachable Filter

TWO AVAILABLE LENGTHS : 7.5″ inches / 19 cm & 6.3″ inches / 16 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg

6.30″ inches – 16 cm, 7.5" inches – 19 cm


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14 reviews for LIFETIME Stainless Steel Bombilla w/ UNIQUE TRIPLE FILTER – Extra Mesh!

  1. Thomas

    Exactly what I was looking for. It’s made of heavy, durable stainless steel and brass. Unlike my previous bombilla which had its plating degrade after several uses and leach copper. I’d strongly recommend this one!

  2. David Olivas

    Hello again, It’s 2022, and I’m still using this bombilla. Perfect condition. I got my money’s worth. =)

  3. Jason Carver

    Most of these reviews are kind of old so I thought I’d write a current one. I’ve had this bombilla for almost eight years, since 2014, and it works as well as it did when I first got it. The spring/screen/slit filter combo is so easy to clean. I’m glad to see this bombilla is still being offered as it’s the best one I’ve ever used. I bought cheaper ones for others to try mate, but this puppy is mine 🙂

  4. Michael Bradham

    Used this style bombilla about 8 years. Recently bought a fresh one. Filters all, easy to clean with wire brush bought on this site.

  5. marc maingard

    I also had the same experience with the stainless bombilla. Its a year later and it works fantastic. Marc m.

  6. Doug DeRhodes

    This is an excellent quality bombilla you can’t find just anywhere. This will certainly enhance your mate experience. Well worth the investment. Keep in mind because of the quality materials and workmanship this bombilla will probably last a lifetime. The downside as someone point out, you will want to drink more mate because it really is that much better. If you liked mate before, you will love it now with this because it filters out everything.

  7. merlin brito

    this bombilla is excellent. i would recommend it to anyone. as for my mate world they deliver the product in a timely manner.

  8. Bruce Patty

    This is a well made bombilla and works well to filter out the small particles, so far.. Best one I own.

  9. Benoit Gardonio

    An excellent bombilla and pretty inexpensive considering its efficiency. The preparation of the yerba is made easier, as long as your yerba doesn’t have too much powder in it: put the bombilla inside your mate and you’re ready! An excellent purchase that I warmly recommend!!

  10. Benoit Gardonio

    Excellent bombilla : as a newcomer to the world of mate drinking, I was discouraged by the process of taking the powder off the mate before starting the drinking. No need to bother with this bombilla : the straw head never gets jammed with particles of mate leaves and is very easy to clean. I highly recommend this one because it is an amazing product.

  11. David Vassell

    When I first saw the price on this Bombilla, I was like, “Come on, Seriously?”… You see, I have a regular Bombilla from, with several slits in it to filter the Mate. I got it for a couple dollars, so no worries. But I always get little bits when I take the first few sips, and have to ‘blow’ out, the other way, gently, to clear the Bombilla.

    Now, I didn’t want to spend $30+ for a Bombilla, but my Intuition was telling me, that this was going to give me a ‘sweet’ mate experience, drinking with this Bombilla. So I said ‘What the heck? Let’s Do it!’

    When I got this one, I washed it out, reassembled it, and placed it down on the table. I noticed it had ‘gold’ accents, which i wasn’t even expecting, cause you can’t really tell by the photos. I poured my aromatic Mate Leaf into my Fire-Burned Gourd, turned it upside down and shook it up. Tilting the Mate to the side, I poured Cripsy-Cold water over the Mate and watched as it saturated the crushed, dried leaves and stems.

    I inserted my new, fancy Bombilla, and poured my Hot Water over the Mate and let it sit for a while.

    Now came the True Test of a Good Bombilla!

    I told a Long, Strong Pull on the Bombilla, and all that came through, was the robust, earthy tones and toasty flavor of my Mate. NO PARTICLES, NO GRIME, NO BITS OF LEAVES, ATTACHED!!! JUST PURE STRAIGHT MATE-BREWED!!!



    Now for the Negatives…

    There is one bad things about this Bombilla…

    Since it does it’s job so well, and makes the Mate experience so rich, you will likely end up drinking FAR MORE Mate, than you have before!

    So Make Sure you Stock Up on your Mate, or you’ll Run Out Real Quick!

  12. Olivas David

    I just want to add a comment regarding with what David Vassell said about this stainless steel bombilla. $30 seems a lot for this particular bombilla, but it is very very well worth it. The ABSOLUTE best bombilla I have ever used, and I’m still using this bombilla after 4 years since I purchased it.

    I have never had problems with this bombilla, all you need to do is clean it every once in awhile to prevent the mate leaves from stacking up on the filter. Yes, all of a sudden, you will find yourself drinking mate a lot more, and I have no problem with that….personally 🙂

  13. evan freeeman

    It is indeed expensive, and my wife found the price hard to believe.

    One use, however, changed our minds. It simply eliminates sediments and chunks of mate. Further, it remains free-flowing through several infusions–no need to clear it out after drinking a bit and moving it around.

    My overall opinion is that this bombilla is a bit overpriced, but I would still buy it again–it’s a luxury that I don’t want to live without.

  14. Michael Bradham

    Great bombilla. Smooth pull with no clogging yet. Easy to take apart and clean.
    I put extra mesh filter in plastic bag to protect for later use.
    Thank you for offering this excellent product.

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