“Fronteras” – Menta (Mint) & Lavanda (Lavender) Yerba Mate – 250Grs / 0.55″


One of the best Yerba Mate blends in the market today. 

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Another great blend from “Fronteras”. Extremely well balanced.

Mint, Lavender plus high quality Yerba Mate. Delicious!

Mixing fruits with natural herbs, “Fronteras” is a small company that produces superb quality Yerba Mate blends

What´s great about “Fronteras” is that each blend respects the natural Yerba Mate flavor. It only adds that “special vibe” with the exact intensity in order to not overwhelm and saturate the palate.

Without any doubt, one of the best choices around for flavored Yerba Mate.

Check other “Fronteras” products here: https://www.mymateworld.com/blog/brand/fronteras/ 

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