“BURRITO – BURRO” Dried Natural Herb 0.88oz / 25 Grams Bag


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BURRO – BURRITO Natural Dried Herb – 25 Grams / 0.88oz Bag


Burro tea (Aloysia polystachya Griseb. & Moldenke) is a shrub belonging to the verbenaceous family.

Geographically distributed in Argentina and Paraguay. In Argentina, it grows naturally in the provinces of Catamarca, Córdoba, San Juan, La Rioja, San Luis, Salta and Jujuy. In Paraguay almost in the entire territory.

It is a very aromatic plant, usually consumed as an infusion (tea), with a pleasant flavor and aroma. It is also used to flavor the yerba mate or tereré, and industrially grown to be part of the yerba mate, which they call “Compuesta”

This plant is deeply rooted in popular use, it can be found both wild and domesticated in houses and gardens. It adapts easily to soil changes.

Used in folk medicine as a stomach digestive, against liver disorders (stomachaches and slow digestions), among many other properties such as being an effective antidepressant and anxiolytic.


Among the digestive herbs, Andean tea or burro tea, also known as “Burrito” is one of the richest. Its scientific name is Aloysia polystichya. Its aroma is very similar to mint with a light touch of celery and its leaves are thin and dark green. It has very small white flowers that contribute greatly to the aroma, and a certain resemblance to cedar tea or lemon verbena, but the leaves are darker and longer.

According to a study carried out by professionals of the Faculty of Chemistry of Asunción of Paraguay, this herb also has many minerals. Among them: calcium, zinc and copper. In addition, it was found that it does not contain mycotoxins.

OTHER NAMES: Burro Tea, Rioja Poleo, Burrito, Castile Poleo, Burro Grass, Andean Tea.

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