Alpaca Silver “Two Hearts” Unique 2 Mate Gourds & 2 Bombillas Set


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Two  Handcrafted Alpaca Silver Mate Gourds – beautiful fire enameled “heart” design!

Fire enamel is an ancient technique that is applied in jewelry, and it is usually on precious metals such as silver or gold, where it acquires its greatest virtuosity.After being carefully washed to avo  the impurities of its grinding, it is applied mixed with distilled water, then making different layers on the metal, depending on the design, so that it can melt at temperatures ranging between 750ºC and 880ºC, depending on of the color of the glass being worked on.

Enamels can be of different kinds, but it differs into two large groups because they are opaque or translucent, the latter types of enamel being the ones that cause the most excitement due to the luminosity they emanate once they have melted on precious metals such as silver or gold.

The Romans and Greeks already knew and used, in their jewels, these work techniques that reached their maximum splendor during the Middle Ages, highlighting the enamels of Limoges, in France, and those of the Silos school in Spain.

GOURD’s AVERAGE SIZE : 3.15″ (inches) – 8 (cm) H / 3.54″ (inches) – 9 (cm) W

BOMBILLA’S LENGTH : 6.3″ (inches) – 16 (cm)


Each mate gourd / cup should be filled with Yerba a little over 2/3 of it’s capacity. Remember to leave a slight slope and insert the bombilla at the bottom of the slope. Once the bombilla is in place, you are ready to pour the water on that side of the gourd (remember not to let your water boil) for each serving.

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