2 “Abstract Dark” Pattern Handmade Mate Gourds, 2 Bombillas + Top Notch Yerba Mate


Beautiful Dark Pattern Spots Mate Gourds with Stainless Steel Bombillas plus Top Notch Yerba Mate Bag


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2  Handmade mate gourds – beautiful design! – Perfect small – tennis ball size for personal use – No dyes used (dark abstract patterns can slightly change since each gourd is different)

2 Demountable hexagon end stainless steel metal straws / bombillas

1 Yerba Mate “Grapia MIlenaria” – Unsmoked Premium Quality 1.10″ lbs / 0.50 Kilo bag – Delicious!

EXCELLENT unsmoked Yerba Mate produced by Cooperativa “El Colono”, from Campo Ramón, province of Misiones, Argentina.

If you love medium, soft intensity yerbas with a special touch this is definitely a MUST TRY brand. You won’t regret it.

2 years of natural storage. Very nice packaging too.

A truly high quality Yerba Mate.

The name comes from an ancient Grapia tree (GRAPIA-IbiráPiré-APULEIA LEIOCARPA) placed in Campo Ramón, where the Yerba is produced.

The municipality of Campo Ramón protects “the millennial Grapia”. It is a native specimen (Apuleia leiocarpa) that measures more than 30 meters in height and three in diameter. It is located in a private property 1,500 meters from Route 103, and can be visited by everyone.



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BOMBILLA’S LENGTH: 6.3″ inches (16 cm)

GOURD´S CAPACITY: Will hold aprox 1.80 – 2oz of dried loose Yerba (2/3 of full capacity).

Given the fact that a mate drinker should fill 2/3 of any recipient with loose dried yerba, this 2oz measure shown in bold above is based on this traditional rule.

You can also have an idea of size if you compare them with the 1.10″ yerba mate bag shown in the pictures. A typical 1.10″ yerba bag is aprox 100 mm x 70 mm x 170 mm (length x depth x height), a little bit smaller than a standard brick.

When you fill your gourd, remember to leave a slight slope at the bottom. This is where you insert the bombilla before you carefully pour the water (not boiling) for each serving cycle.

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Weight 1.15 kg


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