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Do you love the ultra-fine grind of Brazilian yerba mate brands like Canarias or Sara, but find your bombilla constantly getting clogged no matter which model you use? We have the ultimate solution for an uninterrupted mate sipping experience.

Introducing our innovative ultra-fine nylon filters designed specifically for finely-milled Brazilian yerba mate brands.

These game-changing filters attach seamlessly to your bombilla, creating an ultra-fine mesh barrier that traps even the smallest yerba dust particles while allowing the full-bodied yerba mate flavor to flow through seamlessly.

Say goodbye to frustrating clogs and constantly having to unclog your bombilla. With our specialized filters, you can indulge in your favorite Brazilian yerba mate brands like Canarias and Sara without any interruptions from start to finish.

The lifespan of each filter depends on usage, but generally they should be replaced every 3-4 months. You’ll know it’s time for a new one when the filter starts hardening and discoloring.

In addition to replacing filters regularly, it’s also important to clean the interior of your bombilla straw periodically to ensure optimal flow. Check out this helpful guide on how to properly clean your yerba mate bombilla.

Don’t settle for sub-par mate sessions ruined by clogs. Upgrade your yerba mate ritual with our easy-to-use, ultra-fine filters designed for any type of yerba mate.

Clog-free bombillas and uninterrupted mate bliss awaits!

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