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Yerba Mate Cruz de Malta BOLD & MINT 1.10 Pounds[Y94]

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  • by Nancy Hills

    Date Added: Tuesday 18 December, 2007

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    I started using Yerba Mate tea 9 months ago. I have lost 30 pounds. I no longer need to take strong ..
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YERBA MATE CRUZ DE MALTA with BOLD & MINT  - 1.10 Lbs Package

A nice blend of Yerba Mate by Cruz de Malta. It adds to the yerba mate the well known benefits of herbs such as Peppermint and Boldo.

Boldo is an evergreen shrub that is indigenous to Peru and Chile. It is a dietary and weight loss ingredient that is said to improve the function of the gastro-intestinal and digestive tracts and help to alleviate blockages and “toxins”

Peppermint is a stimulant. It restores the functions of the stomach, promotes digestion, stops vomiting, cures the hiccups, flatulent colic, hysterical depressions, and other like complaints." Peppermint leaf tea has been traditionally used for indigestion




Yerba mate contains 24 vitamins & minerals; 15 amino acids; and 11 polyphenols, a group of Phytochemicals which act as powerful antioxidants. Click on this link to read more about Yerba Mate's health benefits


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