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Collector Masterpiece! This fabulous gourd set was featured in our catalog back in 2007.
This incredible work was done by the argentine artisan Ricardo Horvat.
Ricardo was the winner of numerous awards and special mentions during his career.
"Yerbales" is the Spanish word for a large group of yerba mate trees.
There is an international art festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is held every two years. This unique piece was featured there at the argentine showing stand with a framed excerpt from a book written in 1942 by Alfredo Varela, "El Río Oscuro" ("The Dark River) . Along with the excerpt were important facts about the gourd itself. 
This excerpt was the deciding factor in Ricardo´s mind to create an alpaca silver figure of Jesus on a cross made of yerba mate leaves. This silver carving was then finely crafted to the gourd.
This gourd is approximately triple the size of a regular gourd. (See measurements at the bottom of the page.)
The straw is very unique in itself. It has a magnificently carved mburucuya flower (passion flower) affixed to the top of it.
The unusual shape of the flowers has led to the plant being associated in Christian symbolism with the passion of Jesus to the cross. The bottom of the straw is different from any other you have seen.
 You can read more about this flower on:
Height (including the straw) : 12.60" (inches)
Mate Gourd : 6.70" (inches) High / 4.33" (inches) Width
Bombilla : 11.81" (inches) Length
Base : 7.08" (inches) Length
Chain : 12.59" (inches) Length
This unique mate gourd was a one of a kind piece and it is not longer available in our catalog. However, in certain cases we can have it special ordered for you.  Please reach us via email for information on estimated time of delivery, price and viability of reproduction.