Fill your "already cured" gourd or mate (mate - pronounced mah-tay) (See our FAQ's in our homepage - Question #10 on "How to Cure a New Gourd") 2/3 full with your favorite Yerba Mate Tea. Remember to use a gourd if you would like to maximize your intake of all the vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain life.True mate lovers prefers the gourd for the better and more natural taste and because , -this is very important-, you actually can get more nutrients from the herb with the traditional way, using a straw or bombilla, than the ones you would obtain from tea bags (or pills) for example, as twigs must be removed from the herb to be put in a tea bag. Follow the rest of the 9 steps below.

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Which is the right water temperature for Yerba Mate? ( watch this video! )

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