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*Pre-Columbian Art "CONDOR BIRD" Handcrafted Mate Gourd[gou-0046]


Pre-Columbian art designs were inspired by ancient cave pictographs, such as two-headed snakes, frogs, bats, and birds.

All the tribes that originated in Patagonia, north of Argentina, the Andes and in the peninsula of Mexico had what they called  "The 4 elements".
They represented fire, earth, water and air.
Four Elements :
The Suri : It represents mother earth, generosity and providence, protector of children.
The Snake : It represents fire, duality, the constant balance, male and female energy, heaven and earth.
It's often associated with Mayan culture.
The Condor : It represents air, love, oxygen, our dreams, the sacred flight to eternity.
The Frog : It represents water, purification, fluidity, transparency, life itself.
It's often associated with Aztec culture.





GOURD´S CAPACITY : Will hold aprox 2.5oz of dried loose Yerba.

Each mate gourd / cup should be filled with Yerba a little over 2/3 of its capacity. Remember to leave a slight slope and insert the bombilla at the bottom of the slope. Once the bombilla is in place, you are ready to carefully pour the water (remember not to let your water boil) for each serving. The measure showing above in bold is based on this suggestion.




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