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NEW! Yerba Mate AMANDA w/o stems / 1.10 Pounds - 0.50 Kg[Y113]

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100% YERBA - 1.10LBS Package

This yerba mate is very popular in Argentina, it has a very traditional and clasic tannic flavor.

When you drink Yerba Mate without stems you will notice that the flavor is stronger than the classical yerba mate with stems, this is because the stems act as a mean to balance the bitterness of the yerba mate leafs.  

If you like your yerba mate strong and bitter, this is the perfect one for you!

Yerba mate contains 24 vitamins & minerals; 15 amino acids; and 11 polyphenols, a group of Phytochemicals which act as powerful antioxidants.

Phytochemicals are the bioactive non-nutrient plant compounds in fruit, vegetables, grains, and other plant foods, they have been linked to reductions in the risk of major chronic diseases. Polyphenols are considered to exhibit anticancer effects in mammals by strengthening the organism's natural defenses and protecting it against cellular destruction. Click on this link to read more about Yerba Mate's health benefits




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