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Mate Gourd "Dark Indian Pattern"+ Yerba Mate + S. Steel Bombilla[SET-0083]

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1 One of a Kind Handcrafted "Indian Pattern" Yerba Mate Gourd

Spoon Style HQ Stainless Steel bombilla/straw (includes FREE cloth filter)

1.10" Pounds / 0.50 Kilo bag of "MATE ROJO" Yerba Mate- High Quality / Awesome Linen Bag




BOMBILLA / STRAW: 7.08" (inches) - 18 (cm) in Length

MATE GOURD: 3.1" (inches) - 8 (cm) H / 3.54" (inches) - 9 (cm) W

VOLUME : Will hold aprox 1.8 - 2oz of Yerba.

Remember each mate gourd / cup should be filled a little over 2/3 full of yerba, -leaving a slight slope at the bottom of which the bombilla is inserted and carefully poured the water (not boiling) for each serving-. The measure indicated above in bold is based on this 2/3 suggestion.