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Mate Cup Made of Wood + Dismountable Bombilla[GOU-0473]

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NICE WOODEN MATE CUP (Carob Tree) + Dismountable Bombilla


How to use a wooden yerba mate cup

Before you use your new wooden mate cup for the first time, we suggest to rinse it with hot to just-boiled water a couple of times as sometimes wood releases resins and/or tannins. Wood is highly sensitive to temperature changes so we suggest you increase the water temperature gradually.

The water may look brown at first but this is in no way harmful.  We suggest to repeat the process until you get clear water when draining the cup.

Since they are temperature-sensitive, wooden mate cups may crack when they dry out.  To avoid this, you should rinse the cup thoroughly and put fresh water into the cup until you are ready to use it the next time.

If you drink mate every day, you may leave the moist mate in the cup overnight until you are ready to prepare your next cup. Do not leave the moist tea in the cup over 24 hours as it will mold.



GOURD´S CAPACITY : Will hold aprox 1oz of dried loose Yerba.

BOMBILLA´S LENGTH : 5.3" - 15cm

Each mate gourd / cup should be filled with Yerba a little over 2/3 of its capacity. Remember to leave a slight slope and insert the bombilla at the bottom of the slope. Once the bombilla is in place, you are ready to carefully pour the water (remember not to let your water boil) for each serving. The measure showing above in bold is based on this suggestion.



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