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LIFETIME Stainless Steel Bombilla w/ UNIQUE FILTER - Extra Mesh!


by David Vassell

Date Added: Friday 22 June, 2012

[5 of 5 Stars!]
When I first saw the price on this Bombilla, I was like, "Come on, Seriously?"... You see, I have a regular Bombilla from, with several slits in it to filter the Mate. I got it for a couple dollars, so no worries. But I always get little bits when I take the first few sips, and have to 'blow' out, the other way, gently, to clear the Bombilla.

Now, I didn't want to spend $30+ for a Bombilla, but my Intuition was telling me, that this was going to give me a 'sweet' mate experience, drinking with this Bombilla. So I said 'What the heck? Let's Do it!'

When I got this one, I washed it out, reassembled it, and placed it down on the table. I noticed it had 'gold' accents, which i wasn't even expecting, cause you can't really tell by the photos. I poured my aromatic Mate Leaf into my Fire-Burned Gourd, turned it upside down and shook it up. Tilting the Mate to the side, I poured Cripsy-Cold water over the Mate and watched as it saturated the crushed, dried leaves and stems.

I inserted my new, fancy Bombilla, and poured my Hot Water over the Mate and let it sit for a while.

Now came the True Test of a Good Bombilla!

I told a Long, Strong Pull on the Bombilla, and all that came through, was the robust, earthy tones and toasty flavor of my Mate. NO PARTICLES, NO GRIME, NO BITS OF LEAVES, ATTACHED!!! JUST PURE STRAIGHT MATE-BREWED!!!



Now for the Negatives...

There is one bad things about this Bombilla...

Since it does it's job so well, and makes the Mate experience so rich, you will likely end up drinking FAR MORE Mate, than you have before!

So Make Sure you Stock Up on your Mate, or you'll Run Out Real Quick!