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Gourd Alpaca Silver Rim w/ bombilla + ORGANIC Yerba Mate[SYN-0003]

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1 Detachable & easy to clean bombilla / straw

1 Gourd with Alpaca Silver Rim

1.10 Pounds / 0.50 Kilo of "JESPER" Organic Yerba Mate





This gourd was worked with a fire technique where the artisan first burns the inside of the gourd in order to remove most of the soft membrane from the calabash and then applies fire to the outside in order to obtain a beautiful and natural dark color (no dying of any kind).

Color or measure variation may slightly difer as each gourd is unique and natural.

BOMBILLA'S LENGTH : 6" - 15 (cm) 

GOURD'S VOLUME : 3.5" (inches) - 9 (cm) H /  3.5 "(inches) - 9 (cm) W

Each mate gourd / cup should be filled with Yerba a little over 2/3 of it's capacity. Remember to leave a slight slope and insert the bombilla at the bottom of the slope. Once the bombilla is in place, you are ready to pour the water on that side of the gourd (remember not to let your water boil) for each serving. 


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