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30 Customized Laser Gourds & Bombillas FREE SHIPPING ($19.99)[lasergourd]

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-  30 Colored Metal Rimmed Mate Gourd with your own logo and/or slogan
(Please send us the logo &  text to be laser-inscripted on your new gourds in either: Corel format (preferred) or high quality JPG format)
- 30 Dismountable and easy to clean bombilla - straw.

Please contact us if you want to buy more than 30 units and we will customize your order as well


The 30 gourds come in 3 different colors : red, green and natural. Ideally colors will be equally distributed although there may be a slight variation depending on the availability on each color. If you want ALL of them in the same color options are red, green or black (all in natural color is currently unavailable)


This is a great deal if you own a shop, mate bar, health food store, or if you have a wedding or any special event.



GOURD'S DIMENSIONS : 2.75" - 7 (cm) H  / 2.75" - 7 (cm) W

Please note that color or measure variation may slightly differ, as each gourd is unique and natural.

Laser logo will be done in black like shown in some of the pictures in this listing. White inscriptions are no longer available.

BOMBILLA - STRAW LENGHT : 5.9" - 15 (cm) 



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