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CLASSIC CHOCOLATE ALFAJOR "Jorgito" / Bag of 6 Units - ONLY USA![alfajorJ]


6 Units Pack 


Alfajores are a South American type of shortbread sandwich cookie that are filled with dulce de leche (caramel filling). Some are covered with chocolate (like these ones) or just dusted with confectioners sugar. A classic Latin American dessert.

This delicious sweet is the perfect paring with your favorite yerba mate.  Treat yourself to this wonderful delight!

Historic Note: Argentine people are fanatic consumers of this treat and its flavor is intimately rooted in local food culture . The idea has Arabic origins and traditionally it consisted of a base of almond paste, nuts and honey. Arabs introduced their ways in Spain gastronomy when King Rodrigo was overthrown by the Arabs. Since then, Arabic influences have defined the development of Spanish culture, including their pastry. As a result, Spanish immigrants in Argentine have brought these traditional pastries over 130 years ago, and they have been part of the culture ever since.






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