ORGANIC Yerba Mate + Stevia / Sweet Mate 250 Grs - 9oz Bag

ORGANIC Yerba Mate + Stevia / Sweet Mate 250 Grs - 9oz Bag

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Learn about the types of Yerba Mate and how it´s produced. Click here!

Learn more about Yerba Mate health benefits

    Feel Yerba Mate is too bitter for you? Do not like artificial sweeteners?

    THEN THIS IS YOUR CUP OF TEA! "Dulce Misionerita" it´s the first brand that combines yerba mate & stevia - 100% ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE!

    For centuries, the Guaraní peoples of Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil used stevia, which they called ka'a he'ê ("sweet herb"), as a sweetener in yerba mate and medicinal teas. Current research has evaluated its effects on obesity and hypertension. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose, and may even enhance glucose tolerance; it may be useful as a natural sweetener for diabetics and others on carbohydrate-controlled diets

    98 % ORGANIC YERBA MATE - 2 % ORGANIC STEVIA (FDA approved in December 2008) - 250 grams / 9oz Bag


    Yerba production in Argentina is almost an oligopoly of four enterprises which concentrate 80% of all that's made and sold in the country.

    Small farmers, usually organic producers, don't own the machinery to get through the process and have to sell their harvest to big producers.

    Luckily, we can still find some of them that can survive so we can enjoy the highest yerba mate tea quality and taste!

    Organic teas have no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Also, they do not have artificial colors, flavors or ingredients of any kind.

    Normally the aging process for the organic teas are longer than the regular therefore the flavor and aroma is better. It also makes the yerba mate less acidic.

    Even though the prices for organic tea are higher, most people prefer the organic because of the health properties and it is better for the environment.

    The packaging material that is used with the organic teas is organic in itself as the paper that is used is recycled and biodegradable. The ink is water based.

    If you do not find the tea you are looking for, please contact us. More than likely we can get it for you quickly !


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