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Each gourd is unique, therefore few bombillas would suit it perfectly and viceversa.

Each set transmits a unique and unrepeatable feeling; a certain texture in your hands, its characteristic smell, its smoky rest on the table. A sweet silence that is whispering thoughts to you.

A small piece of art that triggers the conversation with a close friend.

How do you like your mate set? With or without metal, wooden, a simple natural gourd with a special shape? Small, big? Do you have one or several?

Share the story behind your favorite set with other mate drinkers.

2 thoughts on “Which is your favorite mate gourd and bombilla?

  1. My husband, Gregory Crosby, and myself, Spice Williams-Crosby, have been so lucky to find MyMateWorld.com. We LOVE their gourds and yerba mate and share it with everyone who comes to our home & office as a gesture of goodwill. Now, when our guests come over for production meetings or office visits with me for Holistic Health, they started asking for their favorite gourd!!! We have over 10 gourds to fill up and share. Just recently, it was time for me to buy another gourd and I asked Alejandro to find me one that would keep up with my use and travel! He custom design a PERFECT gourd for me which I am blown away by its feel, beauty, and size!!!! For people looking for that something special to buy for a close friend, relative, loved one, or business partner or just yourself….., MyMateWorld.com is your one stop shop!!!!!
    Tenemos mucho amor por usted, Alejandro!

  2. I only own three things made with hide,,,,My Belt…my hiking shoes and a Gourd that I got from Mate World. This is where my highest vegetarian values give way to a lovely vessel!

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