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Awesome LEAVES Mate Gourd, Bombilla, Organic Yerba $29.99[SYN-0020]

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  • by Julia Edberg

    Date Added: Monday 03 October, 2016

    [5 of 5 Stars!]
    You offer wonderful items and service. Thank you for being so patience with me. I just LOVE this set..
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1 One of a Kind "Leaves" Mate Gourd
1 Curved stainless steel bombilla - includes free cloth filter !
1.10" Pounds / 0.50 Kilo Unsmoked "Sol de Acuario" - High Quality Organic Certified 




BOMBILLA / STRAW: 7.08" (inches) - 18 (cm) in Length

YERBA MATE GOURD: 3.54" (inches) - 9 (cm) High / 3.54" (inches) - 9 (cm) Width

Each mate gourd / cup should be filled with Yerba a little over 2/3 of its capacity. Remember to leave a slight slope and insert the bombilla at the bottom of the slope. Once the bombilla is in place, you are ready to carefully pour the water (remember not to let your water boil) for each serving.


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