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How do I Cure my Yerba Mate Gourd? - Learn about Bombillas and how to use them

Scientific facts about Yerba Mate - Learn about Mate Gourds - How is Yerba Mate Processed?

Unique Organic Yerba Mate Brands, Mate Gourds & Bombillas and Complete Mate Kits

1.10" lbs Organic UNSMOKED Certified Yerba Mate + Mate Gourd + Bombilla - ONLY $19.99!

 Argentine "VAUQUITA" Dulce de Leche CANDY - 25 grs/0.75 oz.

BOMBILLA CLEANER for Yerba Mate - Very Easy to Use

Classic Argentine Chocolate ALFAJOR "Terrabusi" - Bag of 6 Units

Mate Gourd, Cleanable Bombilla - Perfect Size for Starter - Only $16.99

PRE-CURED Mate Gourd w/ bombilla + "Jesper" ORGANIC Yerba Mate - Only $29.99

Yerba Mate & Accessories 50" Lbs (25 Kilos) WHOLESALE BOX - FREE SHIPPING USA - CANADA

Nice Kettle to brew yerba mate the traditional way - Wooden handle

Yerba Mate helps to destroy human colon cancer cells say scientists!

Antiobesity Effects of Yerba Mate in High-Fat Diet–induced Obese Mice

Some of our yerba mate items were featured on the "Live with Regis and Kelly" show on Friday, August 3rd, 2007. Rick Browne - Host of "Barbecue America"  presented gourds, bombillas and yerba mate to Regis and Kelly letting them get their first taste of this wonderful beverage!

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Learn about Yerba Mate Health Benefits

Learn about HOW is ORGANIC YERBA MATE processed

     My Mate World, your online source for Yerba Mate. We have helpful tips, info and the best organic yerba mate for everyone interested in this marvelous South American tea. We ship yerba mate to California, Oregon, Washington State, Texas, New York, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and all the rest of the 50 US states (plus Puerto Rico, Guam and all US territories)

We also have enthusiastic yerba mate drinkers all over the world; Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Korea, China, India & Germany just to name a few.

No matter where you are, we´ll do our best to bring your yerba mate to your doorstep.

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